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CERL Papers IV

European Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: Creation, Access and Preservation. (David Shaw, ed.). Papers presented on 13 November 2003 at the CERL conference hosted by the National Library of Russia, St Petersburg.
London, Consortium of European Research Libraries, 2004.
ISBN 0-9541535-2-9. [Six papers in English.]

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Vladimir Zaitsev (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg): Opening Address.

Ludmilla Kisseleva (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg): Book Annotations as Historical Sources and in Database Applications.

Natalia Elagina (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg): New Techniques and Problems in the Preservation of Manuscript Collections.

Vladimir Mazhuga (Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg): A neglected Carolingian edition of the Historia Francorum of Gregory of Tours: the consequences of insufficient paleographical description.

Jan Bos (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague): Cultural Heritage Projects from the Netherlands.

Luisa Buson (Padua University): Digital Tools for Improving Access to the Printed Cultural Heritage: the Italian Situation.

Kai Ekholm (National and University Library, Helsinki): Digitising the heritage - strategies for success.

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