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CERL Services

In addition to its main database resources (the Heritage of the Printed Book Database, the CERL Thesaurus, and the CERL Portal), the Consortium seeks to offer other services to the community of rare-books scholars and curators.

Seminars and workshops

Each year since 1997 the Consortium has organised a seminar with invited speakers addressing subjects relating to the Consortium’s objectives to precede the formal AGM. Most of these Seminars have been published in the series of CERL Papers.
CERL also organises training workshops for its members and participates in conferences in the academic and library worlds.


CERL has a regular programme of publications of interest to rare books specialists, in particular the series of CERL Papers given at the Annual Seminars.

Sharing expertise

CERL's members include most of the major specialist rare books research libraries of Europe. Their accumulated expertise is available to be shared with colleagues. Some of this is available publicly; some is shared in the members' forum which can only be accessed by subscribing members of the Consortium.

The European Register of Microform and Digital Masters (EROMM)

The European Register of Microform and Digital Masters (EROMM) is an international database created to record all printed material that is reproduced on microform or digital form to preserve its contents without limit in time.

Web resources to the History of the Book

In addition to information which can be obtained from the websites of members of the Consortium, we offer links to a wide variety of online resources in the field of bibliography, history of the book, and rare-books librarianship.
These sites represent only a portion of the many relevant resources available on the Internet, and we welcome suggestions from both our members and visitors about additional resources which they would like to see listed in this section.
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