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 +====== CERL Papers III ======
 +>  //**Books beyond Frontiers: the need for international collaboration in national retrospective bibliography.**// ​  ​(David Shaw, ed.). Papers presented on 8 November 2002 at the Bibliopolis Conference on ‘The future history of the book’ hosted by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek,​ The Hague.\\ London, Consortium of European Research Libraries, 2003.\\ ISBN 0-9541535-1-0. [Four papers in English and German.]\\ //CERL Papers III// is now out of print, but is available to download [[http://​documents.cerl.org/​publications/​cerl_papers_iii.pdf|here]].\\
 +== Contents ==
 +**John Goldfinch** (British Library, London): The international context of national bibliography.
 +**Goran Proot** (Bibliotheek Stadscampus,​ Antwerp) and Stijn van Rossem (STCV, University of Antwerp): Grey areas in book historical research: can international co-operation offer a practical solution?
 +**Judit Vízkelety-Ecsedy** (National Széchényi Library, Budapest): The search for hidden Hungarica.
 +**Galina Rieder** (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg):​ Die Erschließung der Altbestände der Russischen Nationalbibliothek in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Consortium of European Research Libraries. [English summary.]
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