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Book of Hours, Paris, 1500

Can you identify the Cardinal whose arms appear on the binding of this Dutch Book of Hours which was recently acquired by the Royal Library in The Hague?

Horae [Dutch] Getjdenboek. Paris, 1500
Bibliographical reference: Goff H433
Koninklijke Biblioteek / National Library of the Netherlands, Den Haag

Drs Marieke van Delft writes:

The book is bound in a velvet (original red?) binding, with a blind-stamped impression on it. A cardinal's hat – but from whom? A French cardinal? It has been difficult to make an adequate picture of the object and the material is too soft to make a rubbing.

A detailed view of the stamp, with two attempts (by David Shaw) to manipulate the image to show more detail.
Click on item 1 or 2 to see a larger image.


Drs. Marieke T.G.E. van Delft
Conservator Oude Drukken / Curator Early Printed Collections
Redacteur / Editor Bibliopolis (www.kb.nl/bibliopolis)
Bijzondere collecties / Special Collections
Koninklijke Bibliotheek – Postbus 90407 – 2509 LK Den Haag
+ 31 (0)70-3140329 - e-mail: marieke.vandelft@kb.nl

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