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CERL and Manuscripts

The CERL Portal closed in the Spring of 2020. However, CERL continues to work with its Manuscripts Librarians Working Group and the wider community to explore how we can best support manuscripts librarians and researchers who work with manuscripts in their scholarly carreers.

There are numerous online resources for students of manuscripts and archival materials. Together we are building up lists for these resources, which we are presenting by means of Wakelet boards. We invite you to send in your contributions to the following lists:

  • Internet resources - institutional collections (sorted by country)
  • Internet resources - non-institutional collections. This listing contains transnational resources (sorted by title) and national resources (sorted by country, including regional).
  • Research tools (sorted by general, abbreviations, bindings, calendars, chronology, journals, watermarks, provenance, a.o.)
  • Other resources related to manuscripts and archives: individual manuscripts, specific persons, exhibitions, blogs, education

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