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Special arrangements for membership

The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) is aware that some libraries with rich holdings of early printed books and manuscripts find it difficult to participate in the Consortium’s work because of the effects of long-lasting national economic circumstances on their ability to meet the current membership fees.

In recognition of this situation, the membership of CERL at its Annual General Meeting in November 2004, decided to make two changes to its existing membership arrangements with the aim of assisting libraries in countries in such circumstances.

1. A Group Membership structure has been introduced, which is intended to be more flexible and accommodating to a group of libraries considering membership. Full details of the new Group Membership and its fee structure may be found here.

2. Special arrangements have been agreed under which a library or a group of libraries in countries in Europe and in the wider European 'diaspora' affected by long-lasting economic pressures may make a written case to the Directors of CERL for special consideration of a reduced membership fee for Full or Group Membership for a finite term (extendable, where considered necessary) at a level set by the Directors.

The aim of these arrangements is to make it possible for libraries in such circumstances to have access to the Heritage of the Printed Book (HPB) Database and its associated services, and at the same time to enable the inclusion of files of records from these important collections to be included in the HPB Database as a means of enriching the Database and reuniting the distributed heritage of early European printing.

Requests by a library or a group of libraries for consideration as a special case under the new Special Arrangements should be sent in writing (by email, fax or post) for the attention of the CERL Secretary, who will convey the request to the Directors of CERL for consideration at their next meeting.

Trial period

Libraries wishing to have access to CERL’s Hand Press Book Database for a trial period are invited to apply for a temporary trial password by contacting CERL’s Executive Manager, Marian Lefferts by e-mail.

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