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Categories of Membership

CERL has several categories of membership and also provisions for participation by non-members and commercial customers.

Annual Fee Members Votes Clusters Access (2013) Committee Membership
Single €8,000 1 1 max. 15 HPB yes
Group €8,000 max. 16 1 no HPB yes
Special €1,000 1 1 no HPB yes

Single Membership

Membership allows full access to and full use of the records in the HPB Database. Each partner or member is invited to participate in annual meetings and is allowed one vote in Consortium decisions put to the meeting. Member institutions are eligible for representation on the Board of Directors and on the Consortium’s committees. CERL has decided that its Single Membership fee will not exceed €9,000. The annual fee was fixed at €8,000 for the 2012–2013 funding period. Signle Members may nominate up to 15 smaller libraries as Cluster Libraries.

Group Membership

Group membership allows a group of libraries to become Single members at a reduced individual rate. The essentials of the scheme are:

  • A Group is made up of up to 16 libraries (i.e. the equivalent of one Single member with 15 cluster libraries).
  • Only one national or state library is allowed to be part of each Group.
  • Groups may have multi-national membership.
  • A Group pays a subscription, committed for three years.
  • Each member of the Group undertakes responsibility for full payment by the Group as a whole.
  • A Group is entitled to one vote at CERL meetings.

The overall effect of the new Group membership is that the average subscription fee for each participant is lower than the cost of separate Single Memberships.
Further details about the Group Membership scheme.

Special Membership

Smaller organisations can also join the Consortium as members, subject to approval by the Directors. To this category are reckoned to belong specialist rare-books libraries which are too small to be Single members, and collections in institutions not normally funded by public funding. Special members sign the Funding Agreement and have full voting rights. They pay a reduced annual fee. They have the same access as Single members to the HPB database and to such other databases as the Consortium can allow, which may not be on the same advantageous terms as that of Single members. They are eligible to stand for election for the Coordinating Committee and to become a Director.

Non-member institutions supported by CERL

Annual Fee Members Votes Clusters HPB Access Committee Membership
Library schools €500 no no IP addressing no
Cluster libraries none no no 1 HPB access no
ClusterPlus libraries €500 no no IP addressing no

Library schools

CERL offers Library Schools access to the HPB Database and the other databases and services that CERL provides, in order to brings its work and expertise to the attention of a future generation of librarians, thereby stimulating and encouraging an interest in and knowledge of European written heritage in future generations. Access to the HPB is offered at the special rate of €500 for teaching purposes.

Cluster libraries

Full members are entitled to nominate as cluster libraries up to 15 small libraries with which they have an association of some kind. Cluster libraries pay no fee, are not members and have no voting rights. They are each entitled to a single access point to the HPB which is shared by the members of a single cluster. Full Members can apply to have more than 15 cluster libraries at a cost of 500 Euros for each extra library.
Further details about the cluster libraries scheme.

ClusterPlus libraries

Cluster libraries which require institution-wide access to the HPB Database can apply for ClusterPlus status which allows an individual account with access by IP recognition. The cost is 500 Euros a year.

Commercial customers

Annual Fee Members Votes Access

Antiquarian booksellers





Museums and Projects




Cataloguing consortia €8,000 + multiple of €3,500 no no HPB

Antiquarian booksellers

Access to the HPB Database is offered to commercial customers such as antiquarian booksellers. The annual fee is negotiated on the basis of the size of the firm:

  • Large firms €5,000
  • Medium firms €2,500
  • Small firms €1,000

Commercial customers are not members of CERL and do not have voting rights. They are invited to negotiate to form groups at reduced rates

Museums and similar institutions

Museums and other institutions with an interest in the history of the book for which Full membership or Special membership is not appropriate, can have access to the full range of CERL’s facilities as commercial customers. They would not be members and would not be eligible to vote. The annual fee would be negotiated on the basis of the size of the institution, in the range €2,500 for large institutions, €1,000 for medium-sized institutions, and €500 for small institutions.


Short-term projects in libraries and academic departments are invited to purchase access to the HPB and other CERL facilities. They would not be members and would not be eligible to vote. The annual fee would be negotiated on the basis of the size of the project, in the range €2,500 for large projects, €1,000 for medium-sized institutions, and €500 for small projects.

Cataloguing consortia

Cataloguing consortia can obtain access to the HPB for derived cataloguing only. CERL may allow access to other facilities by negotiation. Cataloguing consortia and their members do not have voting rights and cannot offer public access to the HPB in their institutions. The annual fee is calculated on the basis of the size of the organisation: an annual fee of €8,000 for the consortium, plus €3,500 for each participating member.

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