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T., C. G130, T179.
T., G. (1750) R398.
T., G.A.I. (bookplate) G130, T179.
T., I. (foreedge) F178.
T., P.D. L96.
Tabe, George H641.
Tacomb, Charles (bookplates, 1887) C277.
Tanner, Thomas, Canon of Canterbury P247.
Tasker, Joseph (bookplate) H34.
Tasset (?) G553.
Tate, William P473.
Tatham, Richard B828.
Tattam, Dr A85.
Tayler, John James P473.
Taylor, Arthur (1814) L369.
Taylor, C. W209.
Taylor, Charles J142.
Taylor, J. C1004.
Taylor, John F95, M287.
Taylor, Oliver (1832) L704.
Taylor, Richard (1817) R153.
Taylor, Sarah (1858) R153.
Taylor, W.R. (1758) S616.
Teale, J.M. (1786) B135.
Temple, Frances Gertrude S745.
Temple, Mrs William (donor, 1945) E55.
Temple, Robert (donor, 1887) B939.
Temple, William B939, B1170.
Tenbach(?), `Abbas Ineul'(?) (binding stamp) A235.
Tenison, Edward, Canon of Canterbury (d.1731) (1728) H156.
Tenison, Thomas, Abp (d.1715) O161.
Tenison, William G518.
Theed, W.M. (1735) W148.
Theed, William (1716) E185, G365.
Then, Anne (1705) B511.
Theobald, William H788.
Theres Monastery B870.
Thomas, Mr B23.
Thomas, Abraham P247.
Thomas, George Thomas H217.
Thomas, J. (1742) E501.
Thomas, John P463.
Thomas, P. (1716) B906.
Thomas, Samuel H27.
Thompson, Dorothy (1654?) B1234.
Thompson, E. Maunde (1897) B638.
Thompson, J.G. O234.
Thompson, James B1270.
Thompson, Thomas S964.
Thompson family (174988, née Dell) B503, B563.
Thomson, John E98.
Thomson, Richard C210. (1645) G340.
Thonon, Capucins F3, F4.
Thoresby, Ralph (d.1725) B477, J155, J173.
Thorne, Lt., Queen's German Regt L328.
Thornton, Charles (1829) V170. (1831) C364. (1834) B1500, C269, C271, K17. (1839) A187.
Thornton, Edward C478.
Thornton, Robert (bookplate) M406.
Thornton, Watson Joseph (1820) Q15. (1834) E26.
Thorny, William I H408.
Thorp, George, Canon of Canterbury (d.1719) A141, A276, B1138, C1284, D325, D327, D461, E597, F351, G465, H720, L111, L712, M65, M606, M607, P419, R153, R442, S798, T42.
Thorpe, John T235.
Thou, Jacques Auguste de (bdg, coat of arms) C227.
Throckmorton, Sir Robert O28.
Throp, John (1714) B486.
Thumb, Melchior (donor: plate) B166.
Thurston, Gerard (1686, Oriel Coll.) P195.
Thynne, Sir Thomas, 1st Viscount Weymouth (d.1714) (bookplate, 1704) S119.
Thyrnbecke, Rycherd C449.
Tibetoffe, Harris U44.
Tighe, Robert Stearne (bookplate) E478.
Tilden, Daniel (donor) B1579.
Tilloch, Alexander P71.
Tilsley (?) G508.
Tinley, Mary (b.1772) B547.
Tinley, Susannah Helena (177599) B550.
Tipper, Job, Elham S508.
Tirell, John S1023.
Titlow, Samuel C1003, C1004.
Tittmann, J.V. G475.
Tobert, G.(?) R473.
Todd, Ann (1682) C477.
Todd, Henry John, minor canon of Canterbury (d.1845) E604, F58, L632, M435, S802, W180.
Todd, Jane (1638) C477.
Todd, Jane (1725) C477.
Toke, Mary (1797) B1448.
Torkington, John (1763) H643, H645.
Town, Thomas(?) R261.
Towneley, John G343, G344.
Townes, T. B424.
Townly, Sarah M417.
Townsend, Hon. Mary R398.
Townsend, William (1626) B480.
Townshend, Hon. Charles (bookplate) H24, S1072.
Toxshel, Samuel S1179.
Travell, Ferdinando Tracy T378.
Trembley, I.C. (1754) N16.
Trenchard, William B235.
Trinder family B527.
Trinity College, Oxford L3.
Trinity House (binding) T401.
Trist, Jeremiah T403.
Tritton family J50.
Trollope, Edward (1861) D456.
Trotman, E. (1720) P108.
Trott, Robert (1750) P286.
Troytheni, Sir Roger : see below: Twysden.
Tucker, R. J66.
Tuillibardine (?) A96.
Tunnard, C.K. L216.
Turner, Mrs (1748) A208, L425.
Turner, David E93, R246.
Turner, Dawson (1828) F261.
Turner, Henry T311.
Turner, Thomas (1594) V74.
Turner, Thomas, Dean of Canterbury (d.1672) A32, A160, A253, A283, C288, C330, C905, D102, G110, G227, J110, M82, N119, P692, T164, T177. (1660) B531.
Turner, William P660.
Turville, Westom C317.
Tutet, Mark Cephas (bookplate) B879.
Twigg, John M358.
Twigg, Joseph (1662) R151.
Twisden, Francis G267.
Twisden, Isa. L114.
Twysden, Sir Roger (d.1672) F176, S788, S1179.
Tyer, John J140.
Tyler, Frank W. (donor, 1936-8) B1474, I69, K99, T314.
Tymewell, Charles (1697) B568.
Tymewell, Edward (bookplate) B478.
Tyndale, Anne (1833) V4.
Tyndale, William (18th century) P571.
Tytte, Edmund B1099.

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