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I., I. (binding) B581. (1727) C114.
I., W.H. R4.
Ibbetson, James (bookplates) G95.
Ickham Parish, Kent C723.
Iliffe, Thomas F319.
Image, Thomas (1791) Q20.
Immler, Joannes Evangelista E516.
Imrie, S. C821.
Inglis, M. B594.
Inglis, Mary, 1834 C276.
Inglis, Sir Robert Harry (d.1855) A23, A37, A38, A441, A498, B44, B92, B93, B269, B286, B362, B1005, B1177, B1274, B1304, B1541, C225, C301, C350, C463, C466, C809, C852, C853, C1071, C1078, C1140, D25, D47, D146, D212, D266, D267, D342, D550, E1, E29, E125, F32, F152, F208, F244, F279, F306, F333, F348, F349, F384, G170, G187, G306, G362, G415, H100, H189, H236, H529, H530, H725, I26, I52, J128, J131, J184, K98, K134, L268, L270, L395, L401, L409, L561, L739, M67, M93, M389, M547, M589, M644, O34, O82, O151, P49, P207, P362, P445, P671, R32, R35, R111, R243, R292, R485, R486, S19, S32, S395, S396, S449, S451, S455, S465, S535, S610, S657, S845, S1092, S1150, T46, T352, T433, T434, T469, V40, V122, V245, W128, W284, W327, W338, W424, W539, Y21.
Ingram Hill, Derek, Canon of Canterbury (donor, 1983) B637, B711, B822, C467, D35, S760.
Innes, Ja. (1716) C1271.
Innys, John (1754) S1119.
Irelande, Thomas U31.
Ironside, Eliza (bookplate) S428.
Ironside, Eliza Letitia R30.
Ironside, Judith (née Dunn) R30.
Ivernois, Sir Francis de I80, I81.
Ives, John (1770) A26.

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