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Howley, William, Abp (d.1848)
A2, A12, A28, A29, A40, A56-60, A92, A94, A98, A99, A101-4, A145, A221, A222, A241, A246-8, A251, A276, A281, A290, A292, A297, A311, A317-20, A323, A325, A326, A330, A337, A342, A343, A347, A372, A373, A376, A377, A379, A380, A382, A384-7, A396, A397, A399, A403, A413, A414, A422, A429, A445, A453, A457, A459, A462, A504, A520-2, A541, B14, B77, B104, B133, B140, B150, B152, B164, B173, B191, B192, B203, B204, B206, B218, B220, B229, B251, B252, B277, B294, B300, B302, B303, B304, B306-16, B318, B337, B362, B365, B377, B423, B439, B453, B583, B643, B655, B657, B659, B665, B667, B669-71, B673, B693, B694, B805, B808, B809, B811, B814, B815, B817-9, B826, B829, B840, B841, B845, B846, B852, B860, B894, B910, B914, B918, B921, B922, B927, B929, B940, B941, B952, B953, B956, B963, B964, B971, B977, B1009, B1018, B1057, B1083, B1093, B1100, B1101, B1107, B1120, B1129, B1162, B1184, B1188, B1190, B1192, B1194, B1196, B1273, B1282, B1386, B1399, B1400, B1421, B1422, B1453, B1461, B1484, B1486, B1487, B1488, B1490, B1499, B1501, B1503, B1504, B1505-7, B1510, B1530, B1537, B1555, B1578, B1579, B1623, B1630, B1631, B1652, B1661, B1669, B1679, B1705, C3, C14, C15, C28, C33, C36, C60, C62, C64-6, C101, C102, C115, C124, C125, C152, C174-7, C179, C180, C182, C203, C206, C210, C227, C232, C233, C237, C242, C254, C262, C278, C296, C299, C300, C306, C329, C345, C348, C353, C363, C391, C397-9, C420, C721, C732, C740, C748, C762, C763, C766, C770, C773, C775, C776, C787, C790, C793, C836, C854, C856, C858, C866, C867, C887, C889, C890, C892, C900-2, C966, C972, C1022, C1033, C1037, C1045, C1048-50, C1060, C1063, C1079, C1089, C1113, C1115, C1141, C1152-4, C1158-60, C1163, C1167, C1170-3, C1241, C1247, C1255, C1283, C1286, C1287, C1294, C1299, C1300, C1302, C1322, D12, D13, D38, D52, D69, D88, D108, D112, D153, D154, D180, D199, D207-9, D220, D244, D246, D247, D250, D253, D260, D271, D297, D319, D325, D326, D413, D420, D421, D473, D478, D486, D527, E4, E19, E26, E47, E50-2, E58, E61, E62, E68, E71, E92, E124, E271, E491, E497, E505, E506, E511, E517, E523, E525, E530, E536-44, E546, E558, E568, E583, E585, E598, E600, E601, E603, E612, E620, E621, E625, F10, F12, F14, F16, F17, F19, F21, F22, F23, F65, F80, F87, F139, F162, F184, F225-8, F236, F251, F259, F263, F283, F320, F376, F378, F382, F392, F395, F397, G14, G15, G17, G20, G47, G54, G80, G81, G83, G91, G97, G98, G101, G102, G116, G117, G118, G138, G139, G141, G150, G154, G157, G163, G164, G166, G173, G177, G197, G221, G238, G269, G272, G276, G294, G312, G313, G351, G354, G400, G438, G445, G462, G476, G477, G496, G497, G506, G510, G531, G542, G543, G546, H12, H29, H37, H63, H73, H96, H127, H128, H143-5, H188, H204, H205, H218, H219, H254, H267, H292, H306, H307, H322, H323, H326, H341, H344, H347-9, H356, H359, H413, H416, H427, H442, H443, H453, H455, H456, H465, H466, H469, H475, H476, H492, H546-8, H564, H580, H581, H592-4, H597, H600, H601, H604, H605, H614, H621-6, H628, H634, H639, H654, H665, H680, H683, H684, H686, H688, H691-3, H725, H751, H758, H773, H814, H815, H817, H867, H876, H877, H879, H895, I38, I55, I77, J5-7, J11, J38, J41, J65, J78, J85, J90, J92, J95, J115, J119, J123, J166, J174, J175, J180, J193, J197, J199, J200, J207, J215, J224, J225, J237, J238, J241, K26, K38, K54, K59, K88, K90, K114, K126, K139, K145, K149, K157, K158, K161, L2, L11, L23, L46, L47, L56, L58, L61, L77, L81, L85, L94, L107, L184, L185, L187-9, L191-9, L201, L203-8, L239, L249, L273, L274, L280-2, L288, L292, L300, L301, L303, L304, L308, L309, L324, L331, L348, L372, L373, L387, L398, L399, L406-8, L411, L469, L475, L478, L517, L518, L533, L537, L538, L554, L591, L599, L602, L626-8, L630, L641, L661, L662, L669, L676, L713, L715, L716, L731, M1, M10, M20, M22, M38, M45, M50, M51, M60, M90, M95, M127, M132-47, M194, M196, M204, M205, M228, M233, M239, M255, M262, M267, M269, M271, M284, M293, M308, M309, M313, M328, M330, M331, M376-86, M463, M466, M478, M482, M527, M533, M548, M569, M592, M596, M608, M611-3, M616, M618, M623, M625, M634, M652, M653, M659, N49, N62, N78, N80, N94, N113, N144, N147, N149, N151, N153, N155, N160, N179-82, N184, N185, N188, N189, N195, N224, N229, O10, O15, O19, O21, O23, O43, O46, O49, O53, O57, O62, O64, O68, O69, O76, O77, O94, O96, O98, O125, O128, O132, O139, O167, O213, O226, O230, P21, P22, P25, P27, P44, P48, P49, P60, P62, P68, P69, P99, P100, P115, P170, P175, P178, P198, P219, P220, P222-4, P226, P238, P262, P268, P269, P293, P298, P313, P316, P317, P331-3, P356, P364, P378, P383, P417, P420, P421, P432, P444, P446, P448-50, P454-8, P462, P464, P475, P476, P480, P481, P496-8, P502, P511, P512, P527, P529, P545, P572, P579, P580, P592, P604, P609, P610, P617, P627, P639, P644, P661, P685, P702, P711, P716, P730, P731, P737, P747, P758, Q19, Q21, Q23, R24, R29, R40, R41, R119, R120, R122-4, R126, R129, R136-8, R144, R156, R158, R170, R171, R192, R230, R231, R233, R234, R282, R283, R343, R344, R354, R358, R362, R367, R369, R370, R379, R380, R385, R400-2, R405, R414, R416, R492, S9, S10, S30, S33, S34, S52, S54, S57, S62, S79, S89, S90, S101, S103, S104, S150, S165, S173, S190, S191, S193-203, S206-9, S213, S215-7, S220, S261-3, S276, S295, S308, S311-5, S322, S323, S328, S355, S360, S361, S377, S412, S413, S509, S520, S547, S554-8, S561, S562-5, S576, S583, S591, S592, S618, S639, S641, S682, S708, S710, S712, S713, S730, S731, S733, S735, S736, S757, S799, S883, S897, S898, S957, S1003, S1011-3, S1036, S1054, S1058, S1068, S1086, S1112, S1115, S1117, S1127, S1175, S1178, T8, T9, T30, T47, T79, T81, T117, T118, T121, T133-5, T145, T148, T149, T155-9, T161, T166, T168, T171, T184, T185, T204, T217, T236, T248, T249, T253, T254, T306, T333, T336, T339, T344, T345, T367, T368, T393, T410, T415, T427, T459, T462-4, T473, T480, U22, U23, U34, V1-3, V8, V10, V13, V27, V28, V36, V43, V46, V53, V56, V81, V96, V110, V126, V135, V136, V146, V159, V161, V162, V173, V174, V180-3, V185-8, V193, V200, V216-20, V222, V224, V226, V228, V230, V233, V235, V236, V238, V246, W7, W30, W38, W39, W41, W63, W64, W66, W158, W159, W177, W180, W181, W184, W199, W206, W237, W239, W245, W254, W255, W303, W328, W334, W364, W367, W375, W488, W489, W491-4, W496, W498, W500-4, W508, W534, W538, X2-4, X10, X13, X16, Z12, Z16-9, Z26.

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