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Project of multiple Polish libraries

16th-18th Century Prints, Poland

Name and coverage of file

The project was hosted at Wroclaw University Library and comprised the cataloguing and production of microfilms of Silesian Collections.

A total of 34.944 bibliographic records derived from the project. See all records in HPB

Project partners

More information is available the Wroclaw University Library website:

“[…] Processing of the Silesian Collections was possible due to the donations from German foundations (Bosch Fund, Volkswagen Fund). In effect of this collaboration, Silesian old prints and journals have been transferred into microfilms and were created publications about light prints and funeral sermons from Old Print Department of Wroclaw University Library. […]”

Further reading:

  • National Library website (Polish language). Also available in German language.
  • Robert Bosch Stiftung (2002) „Europäisches Kulturerbe bewahren : Verfilmung von Druckwerken im Schnittfeld polnischer und deutscher Kultur / Ochrona Wspólnego Dziedzictwa Europejskiego : Mikrofilmowanie zabytków piśmiennictwa z polnko - niemieckiego pogranicza kulturowego“ / Robert Bosch Stiftung / Fundacja IM. Roberta Boscha [Hrsg.], Dr. Maja Pflügler / dr Maja Plügler [Redaktion]; Stuttgart : Robert Bosch Stiftung, 2002

Mode of cataloguing

Present/Absent fields

Treatment of multivolume works

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