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110 Coded Data Field: Type of Name used as Standard Form (M;NR)

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains a fixed length coded data element relating to the type of name which is used to create a standard form filed in field 200, 210, 212, 215. It is applicable to all kinds of records.

Application of Content Designators


both indicator positions are undefined and therefore left blank


$a Type of name code (M;NR)

Type of name code

0 = Name (default)
1 = Fictional name
2 = Identification of entity is uncertain
3 = Name is used for more than one entity
9 = Temporary record

Input Conventions

Literary figures and figures from the mythology will be coded with code value 0; code value 1 is for pseudonyms and purposefully made up entities (i.e. ficticious printing places)

The code value 2 should be used with caution. Records included into the CERL Thesaurus via an automated data ingesting process will have the code value 2 if it can be suspected that a record is actually describing more than one entity. These records might be split up into records for each entity or even be deleted entirely.

Code value 3 indicates that the name or “persona” given in the heading has purposely been used by more than one entity. I.e. as a collective pseudonym, a family name etc.

When merging duplicates, it might be necessary to change the code in field 110, since this field cannot be repeated within a record. The code in a merged record must be one of the following 0, 1 or 3 and must by no means be 2 or 9. Change the codes according to the following table

Code in rec. A Code in rec. B Code in merged record Remark
0 0 0
0 1 0 Merge only, if the name given in rec. B is a pseudonym of the entity described in rec. A. Make a note (300 General note (O;R)) to indicate this fact. Beware of entities that are entirely ficticious, these must not be merged with records describing actual entites
0 2 Don't merge
0 3 Don't merge
0 9 0
1 2 Don't merge
1 3 Don't merge, unless rec. A actually records a collective pseudonym (in that case use 3 in the resulting record
1 9 1
2 2 Don't merge
2 3 Don't merge
2 9 Don't merge
3 9 3



  1. 110 ##$a0

Internal Representation

{"data": {"typeOfEntry": "Type of entry ($a)"}}

Change History

  • 15.01.2020: Removed references to caf records, which are no longer part of the CERL Thesaurus, but will eventually be moved to a separate database.
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