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Diacritics and Non-Roman Scripts

Under Windows XP some diacritics do not display properly with the CERL Thesaurus web interface's default font. If you encounter misplaced diacritic marks or characters that cannot be displayed (i.e. you see a rectangle or a question mark instead of a character), try another font by clicking Change Font from the Toolbox repeatedly until you find a font that works for you. The system will try to display the record using the following fonts if available:

  • Arial Unicode MS
  • Titus Cyberbit Basic or Times New Roman
  • Tahoma

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 the default font works fine with diacritics and most non-Roman characters.

To facilitate the input of diacritics and non-Roman characters there is a virtual (on-screen) keyboard available for the search line and the index browse input field. Click Virtual Keyboard in the Toolbox to activate the keyboard icon. Click Virtual Keyboard again to hide it.

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