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El Camino de Santiago

The Biblioteca Real in Madrid has coordinated the compilation of El Camino de Santiago as a contribution to the Itinerary of the Book. The pilgrim’s route of Santiago de Compostella is universally known as the emblem of the spiritual journey we can undertake through a historical landscape, as well as an outstanding symbol for the cross roads in European culture and its history. In the Itinerary of the Book the pilgrim’s route can be taken by any virtual traveller, but the Camino de Santiago can also more literally guide modern pilgrims to the Spanish heritage of historical collections of books. Over the centuries, Compostella pilgrims left a trail of books and documents that can still be followed, leading into the libraries and archives on the route. Together these traces demonstrate that nations, races and religions can live and function side by side, and that in fact the meeting of different cultures brings enrichment. Along the route, travellers can pause in the main centres for conservation and research into this heritage material. And, on their way, they may find that libraries belong no less to an entirely different way of travelling, in that the doors they open to the pilgrims are also gateways to the limitless perspectives present in books and in reading.

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