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830 Cataloguer's Note (O;R)

Field Definition and Scope

This field is used for notes of a cataloguer meant to be read by other cataloguers only and not by the general (public) user of the thesaurus. It may futher contain any sort of marker (flag) to indicate that the current record belongs to a certain group of records.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: none

Indicator 2: none


$6 Record Marker (O;NR)
Any kind of marker. This field is typically added during an automated update process.

$a Information note (O;NR)
Any kind of note, intended for cataloguers only.

Input Conventions

This field should contain either a subfield $6 or a subfield $a. Although it is possible to combine both subfields within one field, these bits of information will be split into separate fields during ingest.

Before using a record marker on a set of records, make sure this code is not already used by others for other purposes.


  1. 830 ##$aDue to the lack of biographical or related data, the decision, whether to include this record or not, cannot be made algorithmically. Please confirm the inclusion of this record or remove it entirely from the file. (Please delete this note after revising this record.)
  2. 830 ##$6PND:Revision necessary

Internal Representation

{"meta": {
    "remark": ["Cataloguers Note ($a)"],
    "flag": ["Record Marker ($6)"]

Change History

  • 17.07.2017: Indicator position 2 will no longer be supported, once the CT has been migrated into its new environment.
  • 15.01.2020: Changed Indicator position 2 to 'none'
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