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100 Coded Data Field: General Processing Data (M;NR)

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains fixed-length coded data. This field cannot be input manually but will be created by the system once a record is input. This field is retained for compliance with the Unimarc Authorities format.

Application of Content Designators


both indicator positions are undefined and thus left blank.


$a General processing data (M;NR)
List of fixed length data elements:

Name of Data ElementNumber of CharactersCharacter PositionComment
Date entered on file (M)80-7The date is system created.
Status of authority heading code18x = Not applicable (i.e., the record is a reference entry record or a general explanatory entry record and is not used as a standard form by any library). This is the default value.
Language of cataloguing (M)39-11The language of cataloguing code of any CT record will always be “mul = multiple languages” because it is open to be edited by cataloguers from any language background. See specific language codes for #300 and $n note subfields for tags #2XX and #4XX.
Transliteration Code112y = no transliteration scheme used
Character set (M)413-1650 = ISO 10646 Level 3
Note that ISO 10646, being a 16-bit character set, contains all necessary characters. When positions 13-14 contain '50' this will be used for the C0, C1 and G0 sets. Positions 15-20 will contain blanks.
Additional character set417-20To be left blank in CT records until further notice.
Script of cataloguing221-22 ba = Latin

Input Conventions

This field is created automatically and cannot be edited.


The information in this field is currently not mapped to RDF


  1. 100 ##$a19991210xmuly0103####ba

Internal Representation

{"meta": {"history": [{"timestamp": "Timestamp (998$a, 998$b)"}]}}
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