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100 Coded Data Field: General Processing Data (M;NR)

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains fixed-length coded data. This field cannot be input manually but will be created automatically when a record is rendered in the CT Internal Format. This field is retained for compliance with the Unimarc Authorities format only.

Application of Content Designators


both indicator positions are undefined and thus left blank.


$a General processing data (M;NR)
List of fixed length data elements:

Name of Data ElementNumber of CharactersCharacter PositionComment
Date entered on file (M)80-7The date is system created.
Status of authority heading code18x = Not applicable (i.e., the record is a reference entry record or a general explanatory entry record and is not used as a standard form by any library). This is the default value.
Language of cataloguing (M)39-11The language of cataloguing code of any CT record will always be “mul = multiple languages” because it is open to be edited by cataloguers from any language background. See specific language codes for #300 and $n note subfields for tags #2XX and #4XX.
Transliteration Code112y = no transliteration scheme used
Character set (M)413-1650 = ISO 10646 Level 3
Note that ISO 10646, being a 16-bit character set, contains all necessary characters. When positions 13-14 contain '50' this will be used for the C0, C1 and G0 sets. Positions 15-20 will contain blanks.
Additional character set417-20To be left blank in CT records until further notice.
Script of cataloguing221-22 ba = Latin

Input Conventions

This field is created automatically and cannot be edited.


The information in this field is currently not mapped to RDF


  1. 100 ##$a19991210xmuly0103####ba

Internal Representation

{"meta": {"history": [{"timestamp": "Timestamp (998$a, 998$b)"}]}}
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