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Field Definition and Scope

The Record Label is constructed according to the provisions of ISO 2709. The record label is strictly speaking not a field and cannot be edited manually. It is retained for compliance with the ISO 2709 standard only.

Application of Content Designators

This field does not have indicators or subfields, but consits of a number of coded data elements

No. Content Length Character Position
(1) Record Length 5 0-4
(2) Record Status 1 5
(3) Implementation Codes 4 6-9
(4) Indicator Length 1 10
(5) Subfield Identifier Length 1 11
(7) Base Adress of Data 5 12-16
(8) Directory Map4 20-23

List of fixed length data elements:

  1. Record Length, Character Position 0-4
    Five decimal digits, right justified with zero fill.
  2. Record Status, Character Position 5
    c = corrected or revised record
    d = deleted record
    n = new record (default)
  3. Implementation Codes, Character Position 6-9
    (a) Type of Record (character position 6)
    Codes: z = general explanatory entry record (default)
    (b) Undefined (character positions 7-9): Three blanks.
  4. Indicator Length, Character Position 10
    One decimal digit (for the UNIMARC/Authorities format the value is 2).
  5. Subfield Identifier Length, Character Position 11
    One decimal digit (for the UNIMARC/Authorities format the value is 2).
  6. Base Address of Data, Character Position 12-16
    Five numeric digits, right justified with leading zeros, indicating the starting character position of the first data field relative to the beginning of the record.
  7. Additional Record Definition, Character Position 17-19
    (a) Encoding Level (character position 17):
    A one-character code indicates the degree of completeness of the machine record. The following codes have been defined, and others may be added at a later date.
    3 = Partial (i.e., record does not contain complete data because appropriate reference work had not yet been carried out) (default value)
    (b) Undefined (character positions 18-19): Two blanks.
  8. Directory Map, Character Position 20-23
    a) Length of “length of field” part of each directory entry. (character position 20):
    One decimal digit (for the UNIMARC/Authorities format the value is 4).
    b) Length of “starting character position” part of each directory entry. (character position 21):
    One decimal digit (for the UNIMARC/Authorities format the value is 5).
    c) Undefined (character positions 22-23): Two blanks.

Input Conventions

The record leader is generated automatically and cannot be edited.


The information in the record leader is currently not mapped to RDF.

Internal Representation

{"meta": {"status": "Record status (c/p 05)"}}
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