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 +=======CERL News===
- +CERL staff post items of interest ​to our members ​on these pagesPlease select ​link in the left hand column ​to view that year's news items.
-====== ​CERL News ====== +
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-===== November 2011 ===== +
- +
-**Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation**\\ +
-The European Commission has just adopted a Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation,​ asking Member States ​to step up their efforts, +
-pool their resources and involve private actors in digitising cultural +
-material and making it available through Europeana.\\  +
-[[http://​europa.eu/​rapid/​pressReleasesAction.do?​reference=IP/​11/​1292|Read more...]] +
- +
-**Report: National open access and preservation policies in Europe**\\ +
-This report gives an overview of how open access is developing in the European Research Area. It is based on a survey conducted via the European Research Area CommitteeIt shows that open access is backed by growing +
-number of universities,​ research centres and funding agencies across Europe, and it highlights the dynamic growth of open access. It also underlines, however, that national initiatives and practices are still fragmented, thus preventing the European Union from realising its full research and innovation potential.\\ +
-[[http://​ec.europa.eu/​research/​science-society/​document_library/​pdf_06/​open-access-report-2011_en.pdf|Read more...]] +
- +
-**Registration now op: //​Ambassadors of the Book//, Antwerp, 1-2 February 2012**\\ +
-Papers on the competences that librarians ​in charge of special (or heritage) collections should acquire during their training, and how library training programmes can teach these competences.\\  +
-[[www.ua.ac.be/​ibw/​ambassadors-of-the-book|Programme and registration details]].\\ +
- +
-===== September 2011 ===== +
- +
-**Workshop: Preservation Policies and Long-term Collections Management +
-Halle, 29-30 September 2011**\\ +
-The LIBER Steering Committee on Heritage Collections and Preservation,​ in collaboration with the British Library and the National Library of the Netherlands,​ invites you to attend a workshop on Preservation Policies and Long-term Collections Management. The workshop focusses on the use of preservation policies as frameworks to benefit long-term collections management. The workshop is aimed at library managers and all staff concerned with collections,​ preservations and collections management.  +
-[[http://​tinyurl.com/​3ws4rut|More...]].\\ +
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