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AGM Papers 2005

Rome, November 2005
  • FM/2005/1 Minutes of last meeting on 13 November 2004
  • FM/2005/2 Treasurer’s Report
  • FM/2005/3a CERL Service Provider: Post-2006 (verbal report)
  • FM/2005/3b Report by Chairman of the CERL Assessment Group (verbal report)
  • FM/2005/3c Post-2006 Contract: Report (verbal report)
  • FM/2005/4 Manuscripts Project Report
  • FM/2005/4a Manuscripts Project: Budget Implications
  • FM/2005/5 Digital Resources: Policy Paper
  • FM/2005/6a and FM/2005/6b Membership Promotion: Plan 2005-2008
  • FM/2005/7 Member Services: Report
  • FM/2005/8 Budget proposals for 2005-2006
  • FM/2005/9 CERL Thesaurus Notepad: Presentation (verbal report)
  • FM/2005/10 CERL/EROMM: Registry of Digital Masters: Progress Report
  • FM/2005/11 European Library Developments Report
  • FM/2005/12 Secretary’s Report
  • FM/2005/13 Executive’s Manager’s Report
  • FM/2005/13a and FM/2005/13b-e Building up the Hand Press Book Database
  • FM/2005/14 Advisory Task Group Report
  • FM/2005/15 Report from RLG
  • Annual Report and Accounts for 2003-2004 in Sterling and Euros (PDF files)
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