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Catalogues of manuscripts belonging to more than one collection (by country)


DescriptionScanned images of catalogues of mediaeval manuscripts and fragments from the period of 9th to the 16th century, belonging to 23 small public, church and private collections in Vienna and Lower Austria. There are also links to digital images of samples of script and of bindings.
Cataloguing format?
Length of project?
Responsible institutionsKommission für Schrift- und Buchwesen des Mittelalters, der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Contact detailsWebsite: http://www.oeaw.ac.at/ksbm/stb; E-mail: Alois Haidinger, alois.haidinger@oeaw.ac.at


DescriptionSeveral projects undertaken in the Art History Section of KU Leuv: 1. Verluchte Handschriften 'Collectie Vlaander: inventory and access to all medieval illuminated manuscripts in public and semi-public collections in Flanders; 2. Brabant revisited. The relation between Northen French and Brabantine illumination during the 15th century: corpus of manuscripts; 3. Research to inventory the Southern Netherlandish manuscripts in the Bibliotéque Nationale de France: online database of over 280 illuminated manuscripts mostly dating from the 15th century, containing around 6000 miniatures.
Cataloguing format?
Length of project1. April.2002 - July.2003. Project phases: (1) Inventory; (2) Creating image bank (3) Digital screening, simultaneously with assessment of condition of preservation (4) Publication of inventory (5) Internet access (6) Preparation of access; 2. September.2002 - August 2003; 3. April 2003 - March 2006
Responsible institutionsArt History Section, University of Leuven
Contact detailsWebsite: http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/research/researchdatabase/researchteam/50000319.htm; E-mail: Jan Van der Stock, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Jan.VanderStock@arts.kuleuven.ac.be


DescriptionCatalogue of medieval manuscript books before 1500 located in libraries, archives and churches of Tuscany (including small libraries and archives), giving access to about 2.500 records; includes some images, bibliography and information about libraries and archives.
Cataloguing format?
Length of project?
Responsible institutionsRegione Toscana (Department of Cultural Heritage Library Museum and Cultural Activities Unit) and SISMEL (Societa Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino)
Contact detailsInternet access is planned. For more details see http://www.cultura.toscana.it/


DescriptionSupplement to the census of pre-1600 manuscripts in libraries in the United States and Canada, concentrating on the manuscripts not described. Based in California. Completed a Directory of Institutions with pre-1600 manuscripts. Plans to contribute cataloguing data to one of the current digital initiatives.
Cataloguing format?
Length of project?
Responsible institutions?
Contact detailshttp://members.aol.com/dericci/umcc/umcc.html

DescriptionA prototype image database and visual union catalogue of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.
Cataloguing formatRecords created in TEI DTD.
Length of project?
Responsible institutionsBancroft Library, Berkeley, CA and Columbia University Library, NY. Working with ten partners.
Contact detailshttp://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Scriptorium

DescriptionElectronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts.
Cataloguing formatEstablishes cataloguing standards in SGML and in MARC
Length of projectThree-year project funded by the A. Mellon Foundation.
Responsible institutionsbased respectively on the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library and the Vatican Film Library; Affiliated to Digital Scriptorium and liaising with MASTER.
Contact detailshttp://www.hmml.org/eamms


DescriptionAn Internet gateway to (‘modern’, i.e. post-Medieval) manuscripts across many collections.
Cataloguing format?
Length of project?
Responsible institutionsFunded by the European Commission. Co-ordinated in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Developed with 17 partner institutions.
Contact detailshttp://www.malvine.org/ Access is at present restricted, as the search engine is undergoing revision.

DescriptionManuscript Access through Standards for Electronic Records. Devised cataloguing standards for electronic access to collections, in partnership with especially smaller collections across Europe.
Cataloguing format?
Length of projectThree year project funded by the European Commission. (Ended July 2001).
Responsible institutions?
Contact detailshttp://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/projects/master
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