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-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​collection_security_v0.jpg> +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​new_picture.jpg> 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/security/2018romesummerschool|Programme]]+<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/seminars/main|CERL Provenance seminar at the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon on 3 April 2019]]
-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​printingevolution_v1.jpg> +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hungary_v1.jpg>
-<slider [[http://​15cbooktrade.ox.ac.uk/​wp-content/​uploads/​sites/​4/​2018/​03/​09-Print-Revolution-programma.pdf|Programme]]+
 +<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​membership/​list_members|The National Széchényi Library, the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences and the Union of Ecclesiastic Libraries enter into CERL Group membership]]  ​
-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hpb_jan_2018_v1.jpg> +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​ct_interface_v1.jpg> 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​resources/​hpb/​main|More information about the HPB]]+<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​contact|New: a web form for edting of the CERL Thesaurus. Request an account!]]
 +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​collection_security.jpg>​
 +<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/​security|The 2019 Collection Security Summer School will be held in Tartu, 4-6 September 2019]]
 +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hpb_jan_2018_v1.jpg>​
 +<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​resources/​hpb/​main|More information about the HPB]]
 <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​quaerendo_v1.jpg>​ <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​quaerendo_v1.jpg>​
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 <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​la_stamp_romana_v1.jpg>​ <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​la_stamp_romana_v1.jpg>​
 <slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​cerl_papers/​cerl_papers_xii|More information]] <slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​cerl_papers/​cerl_papers_xii|More information]]
 <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​printers_devices_v1.jpg>​ <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​printers_devices_v1.jpg>​
 <slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​cerl_papers/​cerl_papers_xiii|How to order]] <slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​cerl_papers/​cerl_papers_xiii|How to order]]
 +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​cerl_thesaurus.jpg>​
 +<slider [[https://​data.cerl.org/​thesaurus/​_search|The CERL Thesaurus has a new web interface]]
 </​slider>​ </​slider>​
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-**CERL Annual Seminar, Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September 2018**\\ +**CERL Newsletter - December ​2018**\\
-This year's Annual Seminar is the 15cBOOKTRADE end-of-project conference to be held at the Palazzo Ducale, Venice. The theme is //Printing Revolution and Society 1450-1500 - Fifty years that Changed Europe//. An exhibition on the same theme will be held in the Marciana Library (1-30 September 2018) and Correr Museum (1 September 2018–7 January 2019). The programme for the Conference and booking information can be found [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​main|here]].\\ +
- +
-**CERL Annual General Meeting, Sunday 23 September 2018**\\  +
-CERL's AGM will follow the 15cBOOKTRADE Conference and will be held at the Ca’ Pesaro, Venice.\\ +
- +
-**CERL Newsletter - December ​2017**\\+
 The latest CERL Newsletter is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​newsletter|here]].\\ The latest CERL Newsletter is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​newsletter|here]].\\
-**Secretary of CERL receives honour of “Cavaliere” of the Order of “Stella d’Italia” (OSI)**\\ +**CERL ​Annual Seminar, Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September 2018**\\ 
-{{:​big_team_.jpg?​400|}}\\ +This year's Annual Seminar was the 15cBOOKTRADE end-of-project conference held in VeniceThe theme was //Printing Revolution and Society 1450-1500 - Fifty Years that Changed Europe//. There is an exhibition on the same theme at the Marciana Library ​(1-30 September 2018and Correr Museum ​(1 September 2018–7 January 2019). The programme ​for the Conference ​can be found [[https://www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​main|here]].\\
-//The 15cBOOKTRADE Team at the Italian Ambassador’s Residence in London: Laura Nuvoloni, Birgit Mikus, Matilde Malaspina, Cristina Dondi, Geri Della Rocca de Candal, Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni, Laura Carnelos ​(PATRIMONiT), Sabrina Minuzzi, Clementina Piazza ​(former student).//\\ +
- +
-The Secretary of CERL, Cristina Dondi, was conferred the honour of “Cavaliere” of the Order of “Stella d’Italia” (OSI) by His Excellency The Ambassador of Italy Pasquale Terracciano on behalf of the President of Italy, during a ceremony at the Ambassador’s residence in London on 4 December 2017, for work on the European printing revolution and in support of European and American libraries.\\ +
- +
-Dr Dondi’s speech ​can be read {{ ::​c_dondi_s_speech_-_honour_osi_-_4_december_2017.pdf|here}}.\\ +
- +
-An {{ ::​corriere_della_sera_2017-12-04_pag.23.pdf |article}} on the 15cBOOKTRADE Project appeared in the Italian national press, Il Corriere della Sera on 4 December 2017.+
 +**Collection Security Summer School, Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 September 2018**\\
 +CERL's annual Summer School on Collection Security was held at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Rome, from 5-7 September 2018. The programme is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/​security/​2018romesummerschool|here]].\\
 +**CERL Thesaurus migration completed**\\ A new interface for the CERL Thesaurus was launched on Monday 18 June. The presentation of the records is cleaner and more information rich. [[https://​www.cerl.org/​news|Read more...]].\\
 <​newcolumn 5% lt > <​newcolumn 5% lt >
 <​newcolumn 45% lt > <​newcolumn 45% lt >
-**International Conference at the British Library, London, Tuesday 28 November 2017**\\ A one-day conference on "New Sources for Book History: +
-Combined Methodological Approaches for Manuscripts and Printed Books"​ +
-(text and images; material evidence; historical bibliographical and documentary sources; sale and auction catalogues; etc.) was be held at the British Library. The programme can be found [[ https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​main|here]].\\ +
 **CERL Annual Seminar, Rijksmuseum,​ Amsterdam, Thursday 26 October 2017**\\ **CERL Annual Seminar, Rijksmuseum,​ Amsterdam, Thursday 26 October 2017**\\
-The seminar was on //Putting it together: Research Access for Hybrid Collections//​. ​As per CERL’s mission statement our focus was on early-printed books and manuscripts,​ and supporting researchers in their study of these materials. It has long been recognised that providing a historical context for the books, such as information relating to book production, their reception and provenance, is a key requirement. In this seminar, the focus was on the context offered by other exponents of European cultural heritage. The theme was offering research services through hybrid collections (i.e. books PLUS art, or museum objects, or archival materials, or all of the above). More information is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​presentations2017|here]].\\+The seminar was on //Putting it together: Research Access for Hybrid Collections//​. ​The programme ​and presenters'​ slides are available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​presentations2017|here]].\\
 \\ \\
 **//CERL Papers XIII - Signa Vides - Researching and recording printers'​ devices//​**\\ ​ **//CERL Papers XIII - Signa Vides - Researching and recording printers'​ devices//​**\\ ​
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