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CERL Quick Audit Tool (QAT)

The Quick Audit Tool (QAT) (3rd edition - December 2020 aims to raise awareness of a speedy way for any library/archive to see how their collection security policies and procedures compare against a baseline set by CERL institutions, both big and small, represented in the Security Working Group. Furthermore it provides guidelines and useful tips.

Two formats are available: to be printed as a booklet or to be consulted on screen. These Excel sheets helps you to record your responses to the questions.

For an introduction to the tool, see this presentation by Mme Jacqueline Lambert, KB Brussels and Chairman of the Security Working Group.

Under Development

Two supporting tools related to the QAT (see pp. 6-7 of the QAT) are under development. For this we will need the help of all the Network. We would like you to send us a maximum of examples (forms, check-lists, procedures, etc.) and experiences related to important points of attention that security policies require to ensure the fight against theft and vandalism (more details in the booklet). Please send to jacqueline.lambert@kbr.be.

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