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CERL Project Officers

15cBOOKTRADE Project Team

The 15cBOOKTRADE Project, led by CERL’s Secretary Cristina Dondi, started on 1 April 2014. The project is an evidence-based assessment and visualisation of the distribution, sale, and the reception of books in the Renaissance. In the course of the project, the CERL database Material Evidence in Incunbula will be further expanded and enhanced.

Birgit Mikus Project Administrator: Birgit Mikus
Birgit Mikus holds a D.Phil in German Literature from the University of Oxford and is based in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford, as a member of the research staff. Her research interests include nineteenth-century studies, women’s writing, political literature, and philosophy of language.

Matilde Malaspina Part-time Research Associate and DPhil Student Matilde Malaspina
Matilde Malaspina holds a degree in Philology from the Catholic University of Milan, with specialisms in Latin Palaeography, editing mediaeval texts, and History of Art. Matilde will be working on Venetian illustrated incunabula, capturing and cataloguing illustrations for the application of the image-matching software developed by the University of Oxford.

Geri della Rocca de CandalPostdoctoral Researcher in Oxford, Bodleian Library: Geri della Rocca de Candal
Geri della Rocca de Candal was recently examined for a DPhil in Byzantine Bibliography; his specialism is fifteenth-century Greek printing. He will be based in the Bodleian Library and work on MEI and TEXT-inc.

Alessandra PanzanelliPostdoctoral Researcher in London, British Library: Alessandra Panzanelli
Alessandra Panzanelli holds two PhDs, in History of the Book from the University of Udine, and in History from the University of Perugia. Her specialisms include the history of libraries and of legal texts. She will be based at the British Library and work on the inclusion of BL provenance records in MEI as well as on the enhancement of ISTC.

Sabrina MinuzziPostdoctoral Researcher in Venice: Sabrina Minuzzi
Sabrina Minuzzi holds a degree in Humanist Studies from the University of Venice and a PhD in History from the University of Verona; her specialism is medical texts. She will be based in Venice to catalogue incunabula book-in-hand, beginning with the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, then moving on to other libraries in the city.

Former CERL Project Officers

Thomas Baldwin (Europeana Libraries project, 2011-2012 and Europeana Cloud, 2013)
Thomas Baldwin For the Europeana Libraries project (2011-2012), Thomas Baldwin reviewed the aggregation landscape (through desk research and interviews) - work that fed into the business and sustainability planning for the international library-domain aggregator that was to be developed in the project. Next, Thomas worked on the Europeana Cloud project (2013-2016) in the work package responsible for understanding researchers' practices in the Humanities and Social Sciences and their potential use of content in the Cloud. Thomas left CERL in December 2013 to take up the position of Executive Manager at the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries, London.

Dr Stijn van Rossem (CENDARI project, 2015-2016)
Stijn van Rossem For the CENDARI project, Dr Stijn van Rossem worked with project's Trusted Users Group to gather feedback on the building blocks that together form the Virtual Research Environment that was created in the project. He also worked with the colleagues at S.I.S.M.E.L. in Florence, on the ontologies that support the project's Note Taking Environment. As part of the CERL team, Stijn was involved in delivering a programme of CENDARI workshops and the sustainability planning of the project.

Dr Kathleen Walker Meikle (CENDARI project, 2015-2016)
Kathleen Walker_MeikleFor the CENDARI project, Dr Kathleen Walker-Meikle worked on the Archival Resources Guides, and developed teaching materials introducing the project's Virtual Research Environment. As part of the CERL team, Kathleen was also involved in delivering a programme of CENDARI workshops and the sustainability planning of the project. From 4 January 2016, Kathleen joined Dr Sophie Page at University College London to work on the 'Inner Lives: Emotions and the Supernatural 1300-1500' project.

Ingeborg Versprille MA (Europeana Cloud and CENDARI projects, to February 2016)
Ingeborg Versprille Ingeborg Versprille worked on two European projects. For the Europeana Cloud project, she worked with project partners on the realisation of an Europeana Research Content Policy and she collaborated on the effective dissemination of project results, including Europeana Research. For the CENDARI project, Ingeborg worked with the CERL Executive Manager to manage the exchange programme, undertook dissemination of the project and its summer schools. For CERL, Ingeborg worked on the communication and promotion of CERL activities to its members and the community at large.

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