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CERL Internship and Placement Grant 2018

CERL would like to offer 2018 Internship and Placement Grants, each to the value of 1,000 Euros, to allow a qualified librarian or scholar to work on CERL projects in CERL libraries, and to be trained on CERL databases, generally for a period of one month.

In particular, CERL is looking to support people new to the profession, whether in librarianship or in academia, and to facilitate international mobility.

CERL asked its member libraries to propose projects suitable to the CERL Grant.

Applicants may apply to these, or suggest a different proposal in agreement with another host library, which must itself be a member of CERL. The internship should take place within the period January-September 2018. This grant can only be assigned once to the same person. Applications not selected but positively vetted will be notified that they can be put in again for the next round.

A written report for the CERL webpage and Newsletter, and/or a presentation in person will be expected at the end of the internship/placement.


xxxx under construction xxxxx


Your application should include a CV (maximum two pages) and a covering letter. This should outline your suitability for the internship, give your reasons for the application, and the name of one referee who can be contacted by CERL.

If the applicant is employed by an institution, the consent of the institution should be included.

Please email the application to secretariat@cerl.org.

Deadline: xxx.


Consortium of European Research Libraries.
Marsh’s Library
St Patrick’s Close
E-mail: c.dondi@cerl.org
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