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Promoting Europe's cultural heritage in print and manuscript

CERL seeks to share resources and expertise between research libraries with a view to improving access to, as well as exploitation and preservation of the European printed heritage in the hand-press period (up to c. 1830). The organisation was formed in 1992 on the initiative of research libraries in many European countries and legally came into being in June 1994. For a good overview of CERL services and activities see, Ingeborg Versprille, Marian Lefferts and Cristina Dondi, 'The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL): twenty years of promoting Europe's cultural heritage in print and manuscript', in 027.7 Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur, 2,1 (2014): Konsortien & Konsorten, pp. 30-40. Online journal of the University of Basel, Switzerland, ISSN 2296-0597. Read more...
For more news you can join the CERL mailing list: please contact secretariat@cerl.org.

CERL Networks

CERL Security Network The CERL Security Network coordinates information about on-going security issues of relevance for collections.

Manuscripts Expert Group The Manuscripts Expert Group acts as a forum for curatorial concerns, and to enhance understanding and practical cooperation among curators across Europe.

CERL Bookbindings Working Group The CERL Bookbindings Working Group aims to foster collaboration between book binding projects, and encourage the use of standards across these project.

Seminars and Workshops

CERL Seminars and Workgroups
CERL organises frequent seminars and workshops which address topical issues relating to the care of our heritage collections. The presentations held at the CERL Seminar on Library History: Why, What, How?
are available here

European Projects

Provenance CERL is involved in several funded projects.

Other News

REBIUN-CERL Conference
Universidad de Salamanca, Salón de actos de la Facultad de Traducción y Documentación, Tuesday 15 March 2016. 'A coordinated approach to recording and searching provenance records and images: moving forward. Part 2. / Investigación coordinada sobre Procedencias. Hacia el futuro. Parte 2.' The programme is available here.

Praise for dissertation CERL's Project Officer Stijn van Rossem
Stijn van Rossem received on 12 November 2015 the Menno Hertzberger incentive (book history) prize for his dissertation titled: 'The fight with the books: the publishing strategy of the family Verdussen'. This family was active in the Antwerp book and printing industry for five generations, from 1589 to 1689.


New CERL Directors and Coordinating Committee member
At CERL's Annual General Meeting on 28 October 2015 two new members of the Board of Directors were voted in by the CERL membership. They are Dr Claudia Fabian (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich), and Dr Andrea De Pasquale (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Rome). Ms Hege Stensrud Høsøien (National Library of Norway, Oslo) has joined CERL's Coordinating Committee.

A presentation of CERL's research activities and future plans to American libraries
New York, Columbia University, Butler Library 523,
Thursday, 28 January 2016, 1:00-15:00.
The programme is available here.

A presentation of CERL's research activities and future plans to Italian libraries
Rome, National Central Library,
Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 9:30-13:00.
The programme is available here.

CERL Annual Seminar, 27 October 2015, Antwerp
The theme of the seminar was 'Library History: Why, What, How?' It was held at the University Library in Antwerp. The programme, biographies of the speakers and abstracts are available here.

Manutius Network 2015
The Manutius Network 2015 is dedicated to the events for the commemoration (conferences, seminars, exhibitions) of the fifth centenary of Aldus’s death. Please contact the CERL Secretariat to have your events posted here.

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