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 ====== HPB technical aspects ====== ====== HPB technical aspects ======
-These pages contain information about: +Under construction ​]
- +
-  * [[Modes of Access to the HPB Database]] - where to log in; how to make use of IP recognition for connecting to the HPB Database; free access for Cluster Libraries; and how to obtain a free trial period. +
-  * Information for institutions that wish to [[::​resources:​hpb:​fileproc:​main|contribute]] bibliographical data to the HPB Database - cataloguing rules, special cataloguing fields, procedures for file contributions,​ including vetting, conversions and the {{:​fileproc:​filproc2.pdf|Memorandum of Agreement}} that file providers are asked to sign. +
-  * [[::​resources:​hpb:​technical:​output|Exporting HPB records]] in MARC21 format (through the web interface and via Z39.50 and SRU), the HPB Database [[::​resources:​hpb:​technical:​output#​Copyright notice|Copyright notice]] and information on [[::​resources:​hpb:​technical:​output#​Citing HPB records|how to cite]HPB records in (scholarly) publications. +
-  * Future Technical Developments - how we plan to improve the HPB Database in the coming years.+
 Go to [[:​resources:​hpb:​main|HPB Introduction]] to find out more about the HPB Database and its contents. Go to [[:​resources:​hpb:​main|HPB Introduction]] to find out more about the HPB Database and its contents.
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