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 Access the Koninklijke Bibliotheek'​s website in [[http://​www.kb.nl/​index.html|Dutch]] and [[http://​www.kb.nl/​index-en.html|English]] Access the Koninklijke Bibliotheek'​s website in [[http://​www.kb.nl/​index.html|Dutch]] and [[http://​www.kb.nl/​index-en.html|English]]
-Access the KB's [[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​CLK?IKT=8486&TRM=nl0100030000|STCN in the HPB]] (login required)+Access the KB's [[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​CMD?ACT=SRCHA&​IKT=8488&TRM=NL-0100030000.STCN.*|STCN in the HPB]] (login required)
-Access to the KB's Early Printed editions (login required)+Access to the KB'​s ​[[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​CMD?​ACT=SRCHA&​IKT=8488&​TRM=NL-0100030000.EPE.*|Early Printed editions]] (login required)
 ==== STCN file ==== ==== STCN file ====
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