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 ====== Cathedral Libraries Catalogue ====== ====== Cathedral Libraries Catalogue ======
 +The Cathedral Libraries Catalogue is an electronic version of the following publication:​
 +M.S.G. McLeod, ed., and completed K.I. James and D. J. Shaw. The Cathedral Libraries Catalogue: Books printed before 1701 in the Libraries of the Anglican cathedrals of England and Wales: Volume II (Books printed on the Continent of Europe before 1701 in the libraries of the Anglican Cathedrals of England and Wales). London: Bibliographical Society and the British Library, 1984
 Access the [[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​CLK?​IKT=8486&​TRM=GBUKCYUK|Cathedral Libraries Catalogue dataset within the HPB]] (login required) Access the [[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​CLK?​IKT=8486&​TRM=GBUKCYUK|Cathedral Libraries Catalogue dataset within the HPB]] (login required)
-=== CLCi database === 
-CERL has created a stand-alone database of the records from the Cathedral Libraries Catalogue, available at [[http://​www.clci.co.uk]]. Free access to the CLCi database is offered to all the cathedral libraries. A password giving unlimited access is available to others on application to the [[marian.lefferts@cerl.org|Executive Manager]] at a one-off cost of £90.00. 
 === Historical note === === Historical note ===
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