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-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​cvinbookhistory_v1.jpg> +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​secnet_tartu_summer_school.jpg> 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/seminars/cvinbookhistory|Workshop: Computer Vision in Book History (KB, The Hague, 27 March 2019)]]+<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/security/2019tartusummerschool|Read more...]]
-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​new_picture.jpg> +<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​cerl_seminar_2019_v1.jpg> 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​main|CERL Provenance seminar at the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon on 3 April 2019]]+<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​presentations2019|Programme and information about registration]]
-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hungary_v1.jpg>​ 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​membership/​list_members|The National Széchényi Library, the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences and the Union of Ecclesiastic Libraries enter into CERL Group membership]]  ​ 
-<slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​secnet_tartu_summer_school.jpg>​ 
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/​security/​2019tartusummerschool|Read more...]] 
 <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​ct_interface_v1.jpg>​ <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​ct_interface_v1.jpg>​
-<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​contact|New: a web form for editing of the CERL Thesaurus. Request an account!]]+<slider [[https://​www.cerl.org/​contact|Invitation to help us edit the CERL Thesaurus]]
 <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hpb_jan_2018_v1.jpg>​ <slider https://​www.cerl.org/​_media/​hpb_jan_2018_v1.jpg>​
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 {{:​manuscript-expert-group.jpg?​250 |Manuscripts Expert Group}} {{:​manuscript-expert-group.jpg?​250 |Manuscripts Expert Group}}
-The **Manuscripts ​Expert ​Group** acts as a forum for curatorial concerns, and to enhance understanding and practical cooperation among curators across Europe. [[:​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​main|Read more...]]\\ ​+The **Manuscripts ​Librarians Working ​Group** acts as a forum for curatorial concerns, and to enhance understanding and practical cooperation among curators across Europe. [[:​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​main|Read more...]]\\ ​
 \\  \\ 
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 ==== Other News ==== ==== Other News ====
 <columns 100%> <columns 100%>
 +**CERL Newsletter - June 2019**\\
 +The latest CERL Newsletter is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​newsletter|here]]. The next issue of the Newsletter will be published in December 2019.\\
-**CERL Newsletter - December 2018**\\ +**CERL Annual Seminar, Wednesday ​9 October 2019, Göttingen**\\ 
-The latest CERL Newsletter is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​publications/​newsletter|here]].\\ +The seminar ​is on Collections and Networks: Reconstructing ​the Historical Context of Texts, Publications ​and Objects with Digital Methods and will be held at the  ​Niedersächsische Staatsund Universitätsbibliothek in Göttingen. The programme is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/seminars/presentations2019|here]].\\
- +
-**CERL Annual Seminar, Wednesday ​19 to Friday 21 September 2018**\\ +
-This year's Annual Seminar was the 15cBOOKTRADE end-of-project conference held in Venice. ​The theme was //Printing Revolution and Society 1450-1500 - Fifty Years that Changed Europe//. There is an exhibition ​on the same theme at the Marciana Library (1-30 September 2018) and Correr Museum (1 September 2018–7 January 2019). The programme for the Conference can be found [[https://​www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​main|here]].\\ +
- +
-**Collection Security Summer School, Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 September 2018**\\ +
-CERL's annual Summer School on Collection Security was held at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Rome, from 5-7 September 2018. The programme is available [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/security/2018romesummerschool|here]].\\+
 \\ \\
-**CERL Thesaurus migration completed**\\ A new interface for the CERL Thesaurus was launched ​on Monday 18 June. The presentation of the records ​is cleaner and more information rich. [[https://​www.cerl.org/​news|Read more...]].\\+**Collection Security Summer School, Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 September 2019, Tartu**\\ 
 +CERL's annual Summer School ​on Collection Security will be hosted by the University Library of Tartu, Estonia. The programme ​is available ​[[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/​security/​2019tartusummerschool|here]].\\
 \\ \\
 <​newcolumn 5% lt > <​newcolumn 5% lt >
 <​newcolumn 45% lt > <​newcolumn 45% lt >
-**CERL ​Annual SeminarRijksmuseumAmsterdamThursday 26 October 2017**\\ +The **CERL ​Provenance Digital Archive** has been created in the Arkyves environment. After logging inusing your FBGoogle or Orcid accountsyou may store your digital images of provenance evidence in the CERL PDA. The images ​and the descriptions you create are published under a CC0 license and the images ​are available ​as IIIF. You may access the Provenance Digital Archive ​[[www.arkyves.org|here.]]\\
-The seminar was on //Putting it together: Research Access for Hybrid Collections//​. The programme ​and presenters'​ slides ​are available [[https://www.cerl.org/​services/​seminars/​presentations2017|here]].\\+
 \\ \\
 **//CERL Papers XIII - Signa Vides - Researching and recording printers'​ devices//​**\\ ​ **//CERL Papers XIII - Signa Vides - Researching and recording printers'​ devices//​**\\ ​
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