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 ==== Manuscript Librarians Working Group - Dates ==== ==== Manuscript Librarians Working Group - Dates ====
 +== Meeting and Eighth conference==
 +Oslo, 26-27 October 2020
-== Meeting ​of the Manuscripts Expert Group == +The eight conference was planned to take place in Oslo on 27th October 2020, at the National Library ​of Norway. The response to the call for papers was great. However, it will not be possible to have the event in 2020, and the organisors have decided to postpone the conference til the autumn of 2021. They will consult with those who have proposed a paperto determine if a new call for papers is needed.
-Vienna13-14 November 2018\\+
-If the national library in your country is not yet a member ​of the CERL Manuscript ​Expert ​Group, we invite you to become a member of the group and take part in our meeting in November. \\+The meeting ​of the Manuscript ​Librarians Working ​Group scheduled for Monday 26 October will now take place as an online ​meeting in two sessions, from 1000-1200 CET and from 1400-1500 CET.\\
-For all countries: we would like to know if there are other institutions with Manuscripts Collections in your country that should be invited. \\ 
-There is a limited number of places available at the meeting for new membersso if  you would like to attend the forthcoming meeting in Vienna, ​please send an email to [[bente.granrud@nb.no]].\\+ 
 +=== Previous conferences and meetings === 
 +== Meeting == 
 +Österreichische Nationalbibliothek,​Vienna, ​13-14 November 2018\\ 
 +{{ :​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​meeting_of_the_manuscript_librarians_expert_group_vienna_nov_2018.doc |Programme}}
-Day 1 (13 Nov. 2018)\\ 
-  * p.m. Updates to national backgrounds:​ several short (15 min. max) presentations from attendees on the most important achievements,​ challenges, projects, events, developments,​ etc. We currently have 20 countries or groups of countries covered by reports, mostly from 2015, at [[https://​www.cerl.org/​collaboration/​manuscriptexperts/​explore]].\\ 
-Day 2 (14 Nov. 2018)\\ 
-  * a.m. Discussion and decisions on the following topics, each with a short intro (5 mins) by one of the group:\\ 
-  * Terms of reference of group, mission statement and promotion \\ 
-  * Focus of group, including period (both medieval and modern MSS?) and activities (professional exchange only or also fostering research projects)\\ ​ 
-  * Position of MSS in Special Colls \\ 
-  * Priorities for website upgrade \\ 
-  * CERL Portal \\ 
-  * Manuscript IDs and digital register of MSS \\ 
-  * Conference in 2019/20 – location and subject/s\\ 
-=== Previous conferences === 
 == Seventh conference ==  == Seventh conference == 
 **Unique and Universal: Challenges for the Manuscript Librarian**\\ ​ **Unique and Universal: Challenges for the Manuscript Librarian**\\ ​
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