HPB Access

Login and search the HPB

CERL members and others who have authorisation can login and search the HPB free of charge. If you know your authorisation code and password, go to the HPB interface.

Free Trial Accounts

Individuals from institutions which are not CERL members may obtain a free trial account for access to the HPB Database by sending an e-mail to CERL’s Executive Manager, Marian.Lefferts@cerl.org.

Please ensure that your e-mail address and other contact details are included in the body of the message.

HPB Access

The HPB Database is hosted by VZG, Göttingen, via a web interface (http://hpb.cerl.org), but we also offer SRU and Z39.50 access upon request.

Use statistics

CERL receives an annual high-level report of the use of the HPB database by its members. This report is presented to the CERL membership at its Annual General Meeting.

Scripted Access / IP Recognition

CERL encourages its Members to allow public access to the HPB database through one or more terminals in the institute’s reading room(s). Since it is important that a member’s account and password do not become known to members of the public, CERL recommends that the terminals in the reading rooms log-on with the aid of scripted access. IP recognition can also be set up for staff members. Please send your IP range(s) to the CERL Executive Manager (marian.lefferts@cerl.org) and the information will be added to your log-in account.

Public Access

More information can be found on Public access to the HPB.

Free Access for Cluster Libraries

More information can be found on Access for Cluster libraries.