Linked Data

The CERL Thesaurus is also available as Linked Data. The RDF output uses standard vocabulary wherever possible, mainly the RDA Vocabulary (, but also the Geonames Ontology (, the WGS Geo Positioning vocabulary (, the FOAF Relationship vocabulary (, the Vocabulary of the Gemeinsame Normdatei (Documentation) and the Europeana Data Model (EDM) (

Those elements missing in the above vocabularies are defined by the CERL Thesaurus Vocabulary ( - see here for a human readable documation (Parrot)).

CERL Thesaurus records are returned in RDF/XML if the HTTP-header Accept is set to application/rdf+xml.

Beacon Files

Beacon files that provide a mapping of IDs from external authority files to CERL Thesaurus URIs (see are available for the following files:


The CERL Thesaurus data is available under the terms of Etalab's Open Licence, which can be considered equivalent to ODC-BY and CC-BY 2.0. Please see here for the full legal text of the licence in French or English